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Injured on the Job?

Our Firm Is Here to Fight for Your Rights. Our Experienced Labor Lawyers and Attorneys Won’t Stop Fighting Till We Get You The Compensation You

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Injured on the Job?

Our Firm Is Here to Fight for Your Rights. Our Experienced Labor Lawyers and Attorneys Won’t Stop Fighting Till We Get You The Compensation You

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The Workers Compensation Attorney Group

We know that people get hurt on the job with great regularity in California. In fact, more than 1,000 injuries occur at work every single day. These injuries occur in all sorts of industries including hospitals, schools, factories, and even government offices. The main thing to know, if you have been injured at your place of work, is that the state of California has workers’ compensation laws that entitle you to be compensated for medical bills, lost time at work (which affects your wages), access to any needed rehabilitation so that you can return to work, and even full or limited disability benefits if you cannot return to work.

Unfortunately, many people who have been injured on the job discover that they do not receive timely assistance with filing a workers’ compensation claim and that they may even be denied full access to the benefits they are entitled to receive. Insurance companies often employ delaying and denying tactics in order to avoid paying claims; court systems are clogged and can be terribly slow in responding; and, most people feel bewildered by the sheer volume and complexity of forms and phone calls that it takes to get the attention they need and get their case resolved.

That’s why we work so hard at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group. We want to help you cut through all the red tape and hassle so that you can get the benefits you deserve. And we want you to concentrate on the most important work that you have while you are injured: getting better! Our qualified workers’ compensation attorneys are not only dedicated, they are also knowledgeable and experienced. You can be sure that the insurance companies and your employer will be represented by lawyers who know what they’re doing. The Workers Compensation Attorney Group will help to balance the odds in your favor while you are taking on a very complex system. You can reach out to us at 562-485-9694 and we will meet with you for a free case review – you have no obligation to hire us.

The Most Important Things to Know About California Compensation Laws

  • In Many Cases Fault is Not Considered

    California has a system of workers’ compensation based on the concept of “no-fault.” In only the most extreme cases is it required to determine if anyone was negligent in order to file a workers’ compensation claim. The purpose of the law is to give workers relief from demonstrating fault when they are injured. This allows quicker treatment for the injury and contributes to more productive workers. Of course, this does not mean an employee should be reckless while working or purposely injure themselves while working. That could result in denial of a claim. Drinking or use of illegal drugs could also invalidate a claim.

  • Prompt Reporting to Your Employer is Crucial

    After a job-related injury, the most important thing is to seek medical attention if it is needed. Be sure your injury is stable before doing anything else. After that, the most important action is notifying your employer that you have been hurt while working. You want to document your injury as quickly as possible – usually within 30 days – in order to protect your rights. Besides, the quicker you activate your claim, the quicker you will be reimbursed and begin to receive other benefits. If you have a condition that has matured over time, rather than resulting from a one-time injury or event, be sure to notify your employer as quickly as you notice the condition.

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Most Often Settled

    It is a very common practice for insurance company claims adjusters to offer partial settlement payments or even to deny your claims outright at the beginning of the process. Some common reasons include:

    • A claim that the employee was not injured
    • A claim that the damage was unrelated to the employee’s work
    • A claim that the employee was not following standard procedure
    • A claim that the employee is misrepresenting the injury

    At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we know how to deal with insurance adjusters. The fact is that most workplace injury cases are settled out of court or through negotiations. If a company is unwilling to offer you a fair settlement, we will absolutely take them to court!

  • It Is Possible to Receive Benefits for Injuries Outside the Workplace

    Any injury that arises from your employment can be covered under workers’ compensation, even if you are off the premises of your workplace. Some jobs require that employees travel to meet their work requirements, for example. If you are traveling for a work purpose and are injured, that would be a covered incident. However, if you are traveling for business and take time for personal activities, you could not make a claim for workers’ compensation injury while engaged in the personal activity, even though you are traveling for business.

  • You Cannot Be Fired or Retaliated Against for Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims

    One of the benefits you have under California law is protection should you be dismissed from your job after filing a worker’s compensation claim. Similarly, you cannot be retaliated against at your place of employment for submitting a claim. Should you experience either retaliation or termination, you may have the right to bring a separate action against your employer. It is also unlawful for your employer to prevent you from working again if you are improved and capable of working. One of the valuable functions of our firm’s representation is our ability to consider the facts surrounding your case and any circumstances that are connected to wrongful termination or retaliation. If you have a case, we will help you file it. We’re here for you!

How We Work

There is one thing that is certain: the professionals that represent your employer as well as their insurance company in your workers’ compensation claim are not there to look out for your family’s best interests. The attorneys and claims adjusters that they hire will seek any means possible to deny or reduce your claim. That’s why The Workers Compensation Attorney Group works to balance the scales of justice for you. Here are a few of the things we do for you:

  1. We Will Thoroughly Investigate the Evidence

    The number one factor in workers’ compensation benefits being denied is insufficient medical and vocational evidence. You want powerful medical evidence on your side, so we help you to develop that evidence by:

    • Getting accurate medical records
    • Obtaining proper treatment with health care providers
    • Getting medical statements from doctors
    • Expert opinions from medical professionals
    • Assisting you if you are deposed by the other side

    We will also demonstrate any negligence on your employer’s part by obtaining records, testimony of witnesses, and testimony from others regarding your condition.

  2. We Will Structure and Negotiate Any Settlement Agreements

    Since your goal is a fair and adequate settlement, The Workers Compensation Attorney Group will be sure that your amount of compensation is estimated correctly. There are certain negotiation tricks and tactics employed insurance companies aiming to reduce the payment for which they are liable. We will engage the insurance carrier for you and will be certain that you avoid any problems in the future with a correctly-drafted settlement agreement.

  3. We Will Represent You at a Trial or Hearing

    Your case may only need to go to trial if a settlement agreement cannot be reached. If this is the case, we will thoroughly research your case and prepare all legal pleadings that will be needed. We will be absolutely certain that every document or case file in support of your claim is submitted on time to arrive before the judge.

  4. We Will Discuss Other Benefits with You

    There are other possible benefits that you may need to consider, such as personal injury, wage reimbursement. We will also counsel you concerning the potential you have for additional benefits like reimbursement of lost wages, disability for a short time, disability over the long term, vocational rehabilitation assistance, and/or Social Security disability claims.

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Our Values

At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we are 100-percent committed to giving you the top legal service available. We will not rest until we are satisfied that you are receiving justice in terms of the benefits you deserve under California’s workers’ compensation laws. Beyond the financial impact, we are also committed to making sure your well-being and happiness are considered. We believe in quality and achieving results that will have a concrete impact on the families we represent. We believe in the old-fashioned values of respect and compassion, and we will always look out for the best interest of our clients.

We believe that the California legal system should be a helpful tool for every worker that has been injured and should not be used simply for the advantage of the well-off, wealthy insurers. We understand how the system works and we are committed to battle for your benefit. We believe that service really matters and that a strong lawyer-client relationship ensures your best results. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we’re committed to excellence, accessibility, responsiveness, and integrity.

If you have been injured on the job and have been unable to report to work, or if you required first aid and other treatment you most likely have a claim for workers’ compensation. Your employer is required by the state of California to maintain notices of your rights and forms for workers’ compensation benefits. According to Section 5400 of the Labor Code, you are obligated to inform your employer of your injury no more than 30 days after the injury. Your employer must respond by providing you with a form for claims no later than one day after receiving notice. Both the employee and the employer will have sections to complete on the form before it is forwarded to the appropriate office at the insurer.

When an insurer processes a claim, they are obligated to provide you with an adequate notice that delineate your rights concerning the claim. Within 90 days of receiving the claim, the insurer must either deny or accept the claim. Failure to respond within the 90-day period constitutes automatic acceptance of the claim. As part of the claims process, the insurer may request that you be examined by a physician, may ask you questions under oath, or may request records concerning your prior medical treatments or employment – with a subpoena, if necessary.

Pending an insurance company’s final decision, they must offer medical treatment of up to $10,000 whether the claim is eventually approved or denied.

Should the claim be denied, you will be sent a form known as the Notice of Denial letter. You have up to a year to file an appeal of the denial. After this, the statute of limitations will expire.

The Workers Compensation Attorney Difference

  • Personalized attention for our clients: You are never a number or a cookie cutter client with us. Our experienced attorneys and legal support team are here for you!
  • Knowledge and experience: We’ve been around and have both the experience and knowledge needed to deal with insurance company tactics.
  • A proven track record: After handling a large number of intricate cases for our clients, our track record shows that we get results with our clients. Our attorneys are recognized by their peers as the top in the business.
  • Aggressive as we need to be: While maintaining our thoroughly professional demeanor, we will bring an aggressive attitude to the negotiations on your behalf with the opposing parties. We fight to get what you deserve.
  • Caring: Among the reasons we are in the workers’ compensation legal area is the fact that we care for the people we represent. You are in a difficult place and we want to help make your life better, if possible.




We Represent a Full Range of Workers Compensation Injuries

Injuries to the neck and back are among the most painful that workers receive as a result of job performance. Whiplash, sciatica, and herniated disks make job performance extremely difficult. Back injuries occur in office settings, as well as with those whose jobs require physical force. Vehicle accidents are one common source of back injury; falls are another. Those whose jobs require repeated lifting, transferring heavy objects, or repetitive bending and twisting are most likely to suffer these types of injuries.

The source of back pain can be difficult to diagnose with accuracy. One of the favorite insurance company defenses in the case of back pain is to make a claim that there is no real injury, or that the worker has a pre-existing problem. If you have back pain from your work, you should search out medical attention promptly and should file a report with your employer as soon as you can. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we maintain contact with you throughout the process of filing your claim, particularly if you have to fight your employer or insurers. We will persist until you are awarded the compensation you deserve to recover and be restored.

Construction is a thriving business in Orange County, CA. But it has a number of hazards that come with it. There are some common things that cause injuries on construction sites, including falling objects, collapsed infrastructure and roofs, scaffolding falls, defective machinery, straining or lifting with construction materials, vehicle accidents, open trenches, and uncovered holes. Poor oversight of workers and inefficient management on the worksite can also contribute to the danger. If you have been injured on a construction worksite, The Workers Compensation Attorney Group can help to settle a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. We will make sure you understand your options under the law and that the responsible parties for your injury are held accountable. Compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other benefits are among the benefits you may be able to receive. We will make sure your claim is handled properly and we will fight for your every right.

Every employer in California must provide a safe and healthy work environment, within reason, for every employee. Still, accidents can occur where people work in spite of the best provisions for safety. The National Safety Council holds that a workplace injury occurs at intervals of approximately 7 seconds every day, all day.These accidents include such injuries as broken bones, cuts, lacerations, and punctures, as well as sprains, tears, and strains. There are occupational illnesses that can occur, often accompanied by soreness and pain. Some workers manage to aggravate pre-existing conditions. There are many potential causes for workplace injury, including machine entanglement, contact with equipment or objects, vehicle accidents, overexertion, falls from heights and falling objects, violence in the workplace, and falls, trips, or slips.

The workers’ compensation claims process is complex in California. You will need the cooperation of your employer, your doctor, and your employer’s hazard carrier to move forward. The insurance company will have doctors and lawyers representing them. Our role at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is to be sure you comprehendall the potential benefits available to you and to assist you in properly filing a claim. We are also here to defend you if you do not feel you are being unfairly delayed or denied.

An injury to your hand, arm or wrist can complicate your ability to perform your job in a number of ways. Lacerations, strains, breaks, and – most devastatingly – amputations can affect you for either a short time or for a lifetime. Hand injuries occur to those whose jobs are primarily physical and require heavy lifting, as well as to those whose jobs are primarily in an office with phones and computers.

The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is here to assist you, no matter the type of hand injury you may have received or how complex your claim is.Among the types of claims we have handled are those including carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle tears, wrist injuries, broken bones and fingers, elbow injuries, and injuries involving repetitive motion.

It doesn’t matter whether your injury occurred in a single event or matured over time. If it can be shown to be due to the conditions of your employment, you deserve compensation. We are here to help you get what you deserve!

Your head is key to the able functioning of the rest of your body, and injury to the head often has a definite impact as to the overall quality of your life. The effects of a head injury inflicted on the job can includechronic headaches, difficulty with speech, brain damage, impairment and loss of senses, loss of memory function, and impaired physical or functional ability. Head injuries are scary and diagnosing them can be extremely complex and time-consuming. They may require extensive treatment so that everyday living and completion of job activities becomes terribly difficult.

If you have experienced a head injury at work, you can benefit from the experience of the attorneys at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group. We can assist you to preserve your rights as you navigate the complex process of workers’ compensation claims. We ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, and our interest in you is personal.

There are a large number of workplaces that require employees to be exposed to increased noise levels. Though employers must provide protective equipment to guard against hearing loss and to monitor the noise level of working environments, there are thousands of claims every year due to hearing loss. Even with the loss of hearing – either totally or partially – many workplace functions can still be performed. This is why hearing loss is sometimes not counted in the category of traditional disability. However, loss of hearing can impact the quality of your life and may entitle you to a claim under workers’ compensation.

If your hearing has been affected by noise at your workplace, you want to be sure to have a qualified workers’ compensation attorney take a look at your case. There are statutes of limitations involved in claiming a workplace injury, so prompt attention is required. The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is here to help you evaluate your potential for compensation. We will also defend you in a settlement hearing or in court and will ensure that you receive the full amount that you are entitled to for your hearing loss.

One of the most inconvenient and disabling types of injuries in the workplace involve knee, foot, or ankle injuries. Knee injuries, broken legs, and ankle strains cause many workers to be out of work for days, or even months. Unfortunately, these injuries occur oftenat work and are often accompanied by extreme pain and discomfort. Surgery with physical therapy is often required for recovery, which can make the process even slower and lengthier.

Slips and falls in the workplace or significant trauma due to a collision with equipment can cause knee, foot, and ankle injuries. Repetitive motions as part of your work assignments can contribute to this type of injury, as well. If you have received a knee, foot, or ankle injury as part of your employment – especially if there was negligence involved in providing you with a safe working environment – you are eligible to ask for compensation. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we employ experienced attorneys that will work for you to be sure you receive all the money and treatment that you deserve for your injury.

Railroad work is particularly dangerous, and railroad workers havehazards that other professions sometimes do not have to deal with. Railroad employees have to deal with railway vehicles that move and can cause injury, electrocution, loss of limbs from machinery incidents, and emission of toxic chemicals, to name a few. Add to that the element of railway repair and construction, and it is no wonder that railroad workers suffer injuries such as broken bones, neck and/or back problems, and – in the most extreme cases – death as a result of injury.

Since workers’ compensation coverage does not cover most railroad employees, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) has been legislated in order to provide railroad workers many of the same rights and protections for compensation in the event of an injury on the job. Like worker’s compensation for others, a successful claim under FELA can provide payment for the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and pain. In the case of the death of a rail worker, survivors may be eligible for benefits and payments, as well. We will help you determine whether you are eligible for these benefits.

If your work has required repetitive lifting, pulling, reaching, or carting items, then you are likely prone to shoulder and elbow injuries. Perhaps your shoulders or elbows were damaged in an accident involving machinery, or in a fall at the workplace. You could suffer from a shoulder dislocation, a bone break or fracture, the hyperextension of your elbow, a nerve contusion, or a tear in the rotator cuff.

All of these situations are painful and should be reported as promptly as possible to your employer. Be sure that you keep your own set of notes with regard to the situations which led to your injury. Often, employers will seek to deny injury claims due to events that happened outside of work. Document your actions and have witnesses to corroborate your story, when possible.

You do not have to be intimidated by employer resistance, and you do not have to accept a less-than-fair amount of compensation for your injury. Let The Workers Compensation Attorney Group help you in the workers’ compensation process to ensure that your rights are protected, and your claims are justly compensated. We are on your side and will fight for what is right.

Toxic chemicals are a part of the working environment in many different settings. Hospitals, hotels, and industrial plants all use and store chemicals at places of work. Employees in these places may be exposed to the harmful effects of these chemicals as part of their work requirements. Such exposure often causesasthma, rashes, chemical burns, cancer, and additional  health concerns. Symptoms and injuries caused by exposure to toxic chemicals can last for months or even years; some results are permanent. If an employer has failed to properly train or protect an employee with regard to toxic chemicals, they can be considered liable for these injuries and the costs associated with treating them. Our experienced attorneys at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group can help you understand the options you have and apply for the compensation you could beeligible for.

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